Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple pregnancy gift!!!

Yes, thats right, my little sister is expecting a baby!!!! It will be her second.  Well, with everything going on in my life, I kinda feel like I havent shown the excitement to my lil sis about her pregnancy.  I think she probably feels like I dont care, but that is wrong, I really do care.  So, I decided that I would get her a little something, just to let her know that I do care, I am happy for her and somethings that she can use.  So, I put together a little basket for her.  It was super easy, very cheap, and its super cute. 

The basket I already had, I just painted the "r" on it with some acrylic paint I had. 

A must have, lotion and decaf coffee!  Not used together, of course! 

Whole wheat crackers, for them morning sickness mornings.

A jar of pickles, that I cleaned out, free hand painted the "R", wrapped a ribbon around, and added some mints!

There is also another jar, filled with chocolates, of course!!! 

All together I only spent about $10, and that was to purchase the candies, lotion, coffee, and crackers all from the Dollar Store!  I cant wait to give it to her!!!



Nancy said...

That's a really neat gift basket! And it's all stuff that she'll love; who wouldn't? And I'm not even preggers! ;-) You're a good big sis to do this for her.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

How precious! Very thoughtful, and something every expectant mother would enjoy. Great idea!

Let it Shine said...

That is so cute! What a fun gift idea!

Lisa said...

Very thoughtful. I bet she loves it! Letters and numbers are making a big showing today. Think I might have to give them a go as well!