Thursday, September 17, 2009

California Bound

I have been talking recently about us moving to California.  Well, I thought I would post another update on the story.  We are moving to the town of Twentynine Palms, Ca.  Its in the middle of the Mohave Desert.  The town pretty much consists of just the Marine base, and if you been there then you know what Im talking about.  We have been there before, so we do know what to expect.  We do have friends that are stationed there, so that makes it better knowing we know people there.  Our kids will go to school on base, and we will live on base.  We are keeping our house here, we will be renting it out to another fellow Marine Recruiter.  Him and his wife recently had a baby, so we are very fortunate for them to be living in our house.  
As of today, we have less then 2 weeks left in our house, and about a month until we are leaving Oklahoma.  We will be packing up the house on the 28th, and then staying in a hotel for 2 weeks before we head out.  
The kids are excited, Iam a little excited and nervous about the move.  My husband is very excited to be leaving the recruiter job.  We are just ready for the "moving" part to be over with. So here is a picture i found of the highway leading into Twentynine Palms, just to give you an idea of where we are going.   

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