Friday, September 18, 2009

Its that time of the year again...

November is the time of the year for the Marine Corps Ball.  Lately I been thinking about what kind of dress Im going to wear.  It got me thinking about my past dresses and what colors I havent wore yet.  Well, while I was doing my searching, I came across some pictures.  

This is Ball-2003, Primm, Nevada

This is ball 2004, Okinawa, Japan

This is ball-2005, Okinawa, Japan

This is ball-2008, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2001-couldnt afford to buy pictures
2002-pictures were ruined by photography company
2006-Jeremy was at Recruiter school, I went with friends (didnt buy pics)
2007-my dress was horrible, so I didnt want to post the pic, hair and makeup were bad too!

By far, my favorite colors to wear are black!  I really want to wear black again, but I need some opinions on what you all think.  Help me out and leave a comment on what colors you like and style you think I should wear.  I alway start planning in september so Im not rushing to find a dress at the last minute.  

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