Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pics from when we lived in Okinawa

visiting the castle
jeremys parents outside the castle
another day at the same castle
one of my favorite pics of the boys in a humvee
about to eat some japanese food, this was when we first got to Okinawa, in 2004!
Jeremy and Kaleb on the sea doo, enjoying a day at the beach.
Me and Markus trying to make a sand castle.
Awww, cutie pies, they were so little!
Us at the aquarium, it is supposed to be one of the worlds largest!
Jeremy and Kaleb playing in the water!

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Ashley said...

OMG BECKY! These pictures are way too sweet! Look how LITTLE Markus and Kaleb were... aww, they are just so big now! You've lost so much weight (and so has Jeremy)

Love these pics!!!