Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School 2008-2009

Markus and Kaleb started a new school today. They were not too happy about it, but since they have had to move so much in their lives, they are used to change and find it easy to make new friends. Their friends from the last school live near by, so we will stay in touch with them and the boys will still be able to hang out with them. Jakob is taking the first day well, I thought he would have a fit not having his brothers at home all day, but he was fine! Markus and Kaleb will be starting soccer soon, and Markus will also be playing flag football, so they will be making new friends there too!

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Ashley said...

Ohh, Becky! HOw precious!! I love your blog. YOu did such a great job. The boys all look so handsome in these pictures! I am so glad the day went well for all of them. I bet they are worn out from there first day back.