Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Markus & Jake's Party

So we had a party with family this past weekend for the boys at Lions Park. We did cake and a special dinner the day of their birthday, but it was just us with the boys. Soooo we decided to invite friends and family to celebrate their bdays. Living back in Oklahoma surrounded by all of our friends and family we thought we would have a great turn out, since everyone was sooooo excited we were moving home, well we were wrong! So I only have a few pics from the party, but Im posting others that we took a few days ago.

Jake, Markus, and Kaleb

Markus blowing out his candles

Jake and Markus, they loved their cake

Markus unhooking his tiny fish

Jake stuck his head in the rain

1 comment:

Ashley said...

How on earth did I miss these?! How cute are all the boys. They are so big!!!! Before you know if, Markus will be apartment hunting. Just kidding! :)

I love that last pictures of Jake... too sweet.