Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

  I have been married to my husband, Jeremy for almost 10 years!  We had our first son, Markus at the young age of 16 and ever since I found out I was pregnant, Jeremy has been by my side and has been a great Dad to our 3 boys.  When we were teenagers and still living at home with our parents, he was always been there for me no matter what.  We both had to go to high school and raise a newborn baby.  Jeremy also had a part time job as a dishwasher.  Times were very tough back then but he was not going to abandon me or our son no matter how hard things got.  He did what he had to in order for us to live and take care of our son with little help from our parents.  
Twelve years later, we have 3 boys ages 11,8, and 3!  We have stayed together through all the hard and good times.  Our boys love their Dad so much and you can tell by the smiles on their faces how much they adore their Dad.  Jeremy is always there for our boys, whether it be coaching little league baseball, playing a game of basketball outside, or teaching them to ride a bike, he always has time for them.   He is also teaching our boys to be gentlemen and I know one day they will all make great Fathers as well, and for this Im thankful to Jeremy for the great years and the many more to come!!! 

Jeremy and the boys last year, 2009

August 1998, the day we had our first son Markus

Jeremy and Jake enjoying some lunch

Jeremy, Markus and Kaleb in 2003 after he got home from Iraq

This was Jeremy this morning, he had to make his own breakfast because he makes eggs better then me! HA! If you look closely you can see his smirk, he thought it was kinda funny too that he had to make his own Fathers Day breakfast! 
Happy Fathers Day!

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Nancy said...

What a sweet post, Becky! You're one of the few lucky women who has herself a real man and gentleman as a husband. And your boys are so lucky to have a great dad as a role model.