Monday, September 7, 2009

Shea gathering

As I recently posted, Jeremy's gma passed away on Aug. 28th.  Well, a few days later his uncle, his moms brother, who was very sick, also passed away.  It was a very hard week last week, with going to two funerals, and just seeing them before they passed.  Jeremy is already stressed with our up coming move and to add this to it, just made it worse.  I wanted to capture some photos of his family, since alot of them I just met last week for the first time. I didnt get alot, they have also planned a family reunion for next month and hopefully i can get more then.

Shea family

Jeremy and his cousin Tommie

Uncle John, Jeremy's Dad Frank, and Jeremy

Uncle John and Frank

Jeremy with his parents and sister

Jeremy and his sister Rachael


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