Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Im Back!!!!

North Carolina Living

I have been slacking on my blogging lately due to our recent journey across the United States! We are now living here in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I must say first off that I'm looooving this place! It's so beautiful, very country living, and its right near the beach!!!

We left California October 16th and headed for Oklahoma, where we are both from, and had a quick 5 day visit with our families. It wasnt nearly enough time considering Jeremy hadn't been back home in a year but we had to keep moving and get to NC asap. We didnt have a house set up or anything planned. We knew we wanted to live in base housing, but didnt know how long we would have to wait or anything. When we got here we checked in and found out that there was a long waiting list for a 4 bedroom, so we signed a waiver to move into a 3 bedroom. In the mean time we had to stay with a friend for 3 weeks, which was so nice of him to take on a family of 5!

We moved into our house November 23rd, picture at top. It is smaller then what we were used to but it will work for us and I have already made it home. I have unpacked every box in the house, except the garage. Everything is all set up and it feels like home. I havent hung up some pictures yet but that is always last on my list. We are leaving next week to go to Oklahoma for Christmas!!! We are all so excited, it will be a 2 week visit this time. Here are just a few pictures of our new house.

Our living room, with temporary curtains-the brown sheers

Dining area/computer/kitchen/front door

Master bedroom, I do have plans to do some wall art very soon

Kitchen, its "L" shaped

Im going to start re-doing the boys rooms when we get home from Oklahoma. They have been neglected and I think they need something to call their spaces. As soon as the screened porch area is done I will post pics of that area, I think it will be our cozy hang out when it starts to warm up.


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