Monday, July 19, 2010

On the move yet again!

Yes, thats right, we are moving for the 3rd time in one year! We dont move until Oct but thats only a few months away. We knew that moving to California was temporary, so I really cant complain, well too much. Good thing is we dont have to pack and move our stuff, just like last time, the military will pack and move us. However, we are moving allllllll the way across the US!!!! Literally, we are moving from one coast to the other! We are moving to Jacksonville, NC! Ok, Im not gonna lie but Iam a tiny bit excited about this move. We have never been to that area, and we have a few friends there, so it will be so awesome to see them all again. Thats the one thing about the military, its small world and you will eventually see all your friends again.

On another note, a few weeks ago, Jeremys parents and his sister came out to visit us for a week. It was a nice visit and we were so happy they came. We took them out to see the area and went on a few adventures. Most days however, we stayed at the house, since it has been so hot here. Its been like a hundred and eleven, average!!! I know that most of the US is going through the same thing. So here are just a few pics from our visit with Jeremy's family.

Jeremy and his sister, Rachael in Pioneer Town

Jeremy with his family

At SkyviewHave a great week!

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