Monday, March 1, 2010

We Won a photo session!

Yes, we did!  We won a family photo session from Susan at Short on Words .  I'm very excited and just beyond words.  I really wanted to win this session because we have never had a professional session done, ever!  Also, most of my photos only show my boys or my husband with the boys and I want to have some photos of me and the family!  The only photos I have of the whole family are when I can talk a friend into taking our pic and then I have to show them how to take the picture on "auto" mode.  I don't know when we are going to have this session but I will for sure announce it and you can also check Susans blog as well.  

When I first read about the giveaway, I thought "oh, that would be awesome to win" but never thought I would actually win.  The thing was to write an inspirational story and email it to Susan and then she would announce the winner today.  So, I just basically wrote her an email telling her a lil about our family and why I wanted her to photograph our family.  Well, we went on a mini vacation to San Diego this past weekend and I seemed to of picked up a bug while we were out, so I was sick all day today.  I didnt even turn on the computer until 4 pm and when I saw our photo on Susans blog, I think my nose unplugged, my cough was cleared and my eyes dried up!  HA! Im just really excited and I cant wait to be able to show our families the photos.  Well, Im off to go take some more meds and crawl back into bed.  

Vacation photos coming up tomorrow! 


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