Thursday, April 1, 2010

Undecided, color or b&w???

Meet Abby!  She is an adorable, fun, sweet lil 5 year old who is so photogenic.  She came over Monday to play with Jake and of course I had to pull out my camera.  Now, the thing is Im a huge fan of black and white and her mom is not, so Im in need of advice.  Which picture looks better, color or black and white???? 

and then there is this one.......

they are best buds!



Room to Inspire said...

I too love black and white, but with this darling face, I would choose the color.


Skeller said...

totally darling!!!!

gosh, I'm a total color girl, but I really like the b/w version. honestly, I could go either way on this one!

Nancy said...

Such a sweet girl. The pic of her with your boy is so cute, too. Hmmm, as for color or b/wh, that's a tough one! Like you said, she's very photogenic, so both pics look good. I tend to like b/w photos better, but the color one does look great!