Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Diego, CA 2010

A few weeks ago we went to San Diego to have a mini weekend vacation with our friends the Romkowske family.  Im just now posting the pics from that weekend because when we got home I was sick for a few days then with the hustle of moving this weekend, well, I just been kinda busy.  We had so much fun that weekend though, even though Saturday it rained all day loooong!  We managed to make the best of it and have some fun.  

We started off by going to the Childrens Museum in downtown San Diego.  It was a super cute museum but really for the younger ones, so Markus, 11, really did not enjoy it too much.  He just helped his lil brother Jake with stuff, hehehe!

Here are the boys on the chariots.

Playing with clay.

Jeremy making "Randall" from Monsters, Inc. 

Me and the boys goofing around.

After the museum we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe! 

After dinner, we walked to the Horton Plaza Mall to do some shopping for us girls!  This is what the boys did while we shopped, played chess.

The next day, it was absolutely beautiful outside! So, we headed to Coronado Island and had lunch and of course did some more shopping! Then we hit up the beach! This is the bridge we had to drive over to get to the island, I was freaking out driving over the bridge! 

Tom and Elyse checking out the beach! 

Jeremy and Jake taking a stroll to the water.

He is just taking in the whole view! It was beautiful!!!

Me and Jeremy.

The Romkowske family, it was impossible to get the girls to look at the camera...HA!

The Shea family 

Me and my good friend Andrea!  

The kids, well we tried to get a good pic but it was not happening, look at each of their faces!  That was not planned either! Im serious, we kept telling them to look and smile, nope they did not want to! HAHA!!!

It was a fun weekend and we cant wait to go back when the weather warms up a bit so we can actually get in the ocean!  


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