Monday, February 8, 2010

New cleaning Products!

My friend, Andrea, told me about some cleaning products she uses that are all natural.  She went on and on about them for months, so I decided I would try them out.  Im always looking for newer/better/earth friendly ways to clean my house.  With Markus  having some allergies, I dont want to use chemicals that are gonna cause his allergies to get worse and the one thing that makes allergies or asthma "act" up is cleaning products.  So, I went online and bought some stuff and Im very pleased with them.  Its from the company called Shaklee.  Best thing is you get alot for your money! You get a huge bottle of concentrated formula and you just add a few drops to a spray bottle and fill up with water! You can use them on your counters, in the bathroom, on mirrors, glass, and even wood and its all Natural! So Im now passing on the word to you, because if your like me then you like finding new things from people that have already tried them out.  


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Nancy said...

Hi Becky,
I love getting recommendations of products. I also like using natural products. They just make me feel better using them. Thanks, I'm going to look into these!