Monday, January 18, 2010

How I keep my house clean

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People that know me, know that Im a clean freak. I dont like cleaning but I do it because I have to. Over the years I have learned new ways of cleaning and whats gonna get the job done the fastest, safest, and easiest. So Ill share some of my cleaning habits and what I use on a day to day basis. My friend is also a clean freak, worse then me, and we are always sharing ideas and asking each other what we use. So I steal her ideas all the time.

For my counters I use my BFF, Clorox Wipes! Really, I use them for everything around the house. Simple and easy, Im telling you. My brothers and husband always tease me about the wipes, they say I use wipes for everything! Which I do.

For the floors I use the Swiffer Mop. 

Every once in a while I will break out the real mop and do the whole house in which case ill use Mr. Clean floor cleaner with the Febreeze scents. However, that is very rare ill actually use a mop. Now, for the bathroom floors, a mop does not enter this room. I get on my hands and knees with some spray cleaner and some paper towels. I just feel that this floor is so covered in germs that a mop is really just spreading them around and in the bathroom it really needs to be disinfected. I also have 3 boys remember, use your imagination.

For the stove I use either a Clorox wipe or if its stuck on pretty bad then I have discovered this little can of joy called BonAmi. It works really well, and its only 86cents! I found it at the Comissary on the base where we live.

In the bathrooms, for the tubs I use the BonAmi, there is not scrubbing involved, just sprinkle and wipe! Im telling you it works really, really good!

Dusting, I use either the Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner or Methods Wood cleaner. Both work really well. I will also use a Swiffer duster to get dust off the lamp shades or for the blinds. 

Carpets, I have dyson! Love it, it was a great buy, and I have no regrets!

For windows and glass, I use Methods Glass cleaner. Smells really good and works better then Windex in my opinion.

Laundry, I use Arm and hammer liquid detergent. I also only do laundry on sundays, unless there is an absolute need to get a load in during the week. Sunday nights after all the laundry is washed I sit down at the couch and turn on Desperate Housewives and fold clothes. Then when its done, I have my husband help me put it all away. Its worked for me so far and I dont feel like im doing laundry everyday of the week. 

Also, I have a cleaning schedule that I pretty much try to keep to everyday. I do a little bit daily and Im not left to do it all in one day. Here it is....
Sundays-Laundry day
Mondays-Dust & Vacuum
Tuesdays-Floors & Counters
Wednesday-Sinks & Tubs
Thursdays- Toilets & Windows
Fridays- Whatever needs to be done

I dont always stick to this lil schedule but I try to follow it for the most part. I normally end up wiping up the bathrooms daily, though.

At the end of each day, I put all the dishes away, wipe down the counters and table. Make sure all the toys are put away, that way in the morning I wake up to a clean house daily. I also make my bed everyday, along with my kids beds, well they do their own beds, but its part of our morning routine, we make our beds. Even my 3 year old makes his bed.

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Leah said...

you have SUCH a beautiful family! i used to be addicted to wipes too but now i just use my spray cleaner..i swear i'd save it in a fire!