Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Photo-"oh the life of a pitcher"

I have decided that Im going to start posting a daily photo to my blog.  I have so many that I want to share, so Ill do one a day.  These will be my photography work.  I started taking pictures when I had kids and over the years I have learned to work my camera and have researched on how to take better shots.  I am not a professional at all but I do enjoy it and I will continue to get better.  I will also love to have people critic my work.  Like I said I want to get better so I need judgement.  

Todays photo of the day is called "oh the life of a pitcher".  This is my oldest son Markus, he was having a really tough game and the game was really close.  Im pretty sure they ended up winning but honestly I cant remember.  This was also taken the night I got my new camera so I was just messing around with it that night trying to figure it out.  So its kinda grainy looking, I know, but its been one of my favorite photos.  


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