Monday, December 21, 2009


As you know we moved to California back in October, well since then we have moved into a rent house due to the overwhelming number of people of the housing list for base housing.  We signed a 6 month lease, but we have decided to get back on the housing list.  The cost of living here is slightly higher then we thought and the bills are rolling in and things just aren't looking to great.  We are constantly driving back and forth to the base for school, sports, shopping, etc.  So it looks like we will be moving within the next 3 months.  Im happy though, it will save a ton on gas, and my friends are there.  
Jeremy is in school here, to freshen him up, he will be in school for 10 months and from the looks of it we may be here longer then that.  He was told that 90% of the guys in his class will get stationed here after school and if they dont then expect to come back here in 3 years.  So he may just volunteer to just stay here and get his 3 years done here so we can move some place else.  We really want to go to San Diego area, but we go where the military sends us.  
The boys recently finished up flag football, they loved it and really had fun.  I did enjoy watching them but i froze every night.  The temps here are soooooo cold at night.  Kaleb got 2nd place and we have not heard what place Markus got yet.  Jakob has started going to a preschool 3 days a week, which he absolutely looooooves! 
As for myself, well there really isnt much to update.  Im still loosing weight but its not from working out, I think its from stress and not eating as much as I should be.  Ill get back in the gym after the beginning of the year.  I did try on some size 6 jeans today and they fit! I have not been able to wear these since before i had Jakob over 3 years ago!  Yes, im happy but Im only able to fit them because I havent been taking care of myself.  I will get back to  it very soon! I promise myself that.
Well, there is the update on our life.  Ill be posting up some decor stuff soon.  Ive enjoyed decorating this house, but we havent painting since we wont be here long.  

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