Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We made it!

We made it to sunny, dry, boring 29 Palms, CA on friday.  We dont have a house yet, so we are staying in a hotel on the base.  It hasnt been too bad so far, but I think reality has not set in yet.  The boys started school yesterday and they seem to like it so far.  I think they love the fact that almost all the kids that go to their school have a marine parent.  So they can relate to them very well.  We have ventured out a little bit, but honestly there really isnt much to see out here.  The nearest Walmart is about 20 mins away, but it seems farther because the drive there is nothing but sand and mountains.  Today, me and Jake are heading over the library to check out the story time, I hope its not a complete bust, because he really wants to do something.  
Our trip out here was very good, the drive wasnt bad, considering I drove the whole 1500 miles by myself! The kids all wanted to ride with Jeremy the whole way, which Im not complaining, it was kinda nice to have some peace and quiet.  We had a few bumps in Arizona while visiting my brother and when we first got into 29 Palms, but I will have to tell that later, its a loooong story.  
We will know something hopefully tomorrow on when we should be getting a house, so we need everyones prayers that it wont be too long.  Another family has been waiting here for 2 months for a house!  That is something I really dont want to hear right now, but Im keeping my faith in God that he will get us into a house soon!  Ill post pictures when I can find my cord for my camera. 

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abnsigoslady said...

Hi. Laura here from the mansion. You asked about the paint in our bathroom. It is called Teague Dune from Sherwin Williams. Teague is our last name. I took in a chip from walmart that was called Dune. So...you may be able to look for the Dune color at your 20 mile away Walmart. It is a sandy color. We like it. It is the primary color of our entire house. Hope you have housing now and that all your stuff made it there in one piece.