Monday, August 3, 2009

My kitchen

Mondays at my house is my day to clean the counters, I got my cleaning list from a good friend.  We do a different cleaning job everyday, so it doesnt seem like you are cleaning everything at once, this way you do  a little bit everyday.  So, like I said Mondays are counters, usually when I do the kitchen I end up cleaning up the clutter that collects from the weekend.  Its a good time to put stuff away that gets piled up  on the kitchen counters.  Over the weekend I hit up the garage sales and found some good stuff, so it got me into cleaning off my counters of all the junk, like the can opener, toaster, etc.  Here are a few pics.....

These are some garage sale finds, lamp was $4!

Im also thinking about painting over the brown and just making the whole kitchen red, i loooove the red.  The knobs and draw handles are coming soon.  

Coming soon, another garage sale find.  I found the white one first for only a dollar, then the next garage sale i went to i found the green one for 2 dollars! 
Also, I will be posting pics of my dining room soon.  I love looking at pics of other peoples dining and kitchens so I figured I would post pics of mine as well.  

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Cute lamp scored for so cheap! :)