Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodwill finds!!!

Did I ever tell you that I looooooove thrift stores?! Well, I do! Today, me and Jake headed out to look for something to do, and we ended up at the Goodwill stores, yes we went to more then one.  We also went to a few friday garage sales and another thrift store!  Here is what I ended up with....
Duck tray~$1
Smaller frame~$1
flower tray~$3
wine rack~$1
a happy meal for lunch~$3

think this will be a chalkboard

sorry but you are history :(

some may like this as is, but i dont..i already have plans for it! 

I already have a wine rack but i just really liked this one and it will be painted

my shopping partner!
Everything has already been primed and is drying, so i will have new pics up soon!

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