Thursday, April 9, 2009

I achieved a goal today!

Today, I ran 3 miles straight! Thats without stopping for breaks. I have never in my life been able to do this! Im really excited and I feel really good! I posted a few months ago that i wanted to run a 5k, well that is next weekend and i think i can do it with full confidence! One of the main things that helps me to continue going to the gym everyday and to keep up the running is the support of a great friend, Tiffany and my husband, Jeremy! They both just are very supportive and they dont nag or ask if i worked out. They just praise when I do go, so that alone helps me to keep going. I have lost a few pounds since i first started working out, its not alot but its enough to me to know that Iam doing something right. I told my husband this morning that next year i will run 1/2 a marathon! Ha! Its a dream, but who knows I just might do it!!!

weight lose as of today is........7 pounds but has gained muscle and confidence!

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